What’s Next: Navigating Life’s Transitions in Southeast Alaska

Welcome to “What’s Next? Navigating Life’s Transitions in Southeast Alaska” a podcast to help you plan for current and future life transitions.

An attorney in Southeast Alaska, Liz Smith focuses her law practice on estate planning, but this podcast brings much more than topics about who gets what and when! Liz hosts pleasant and practical conversations with industry leaders and practitioners in her community.

We’ll investigate building and leaving your legacy, supporting aging loved ones and parents and the resources to assist you, and we’ll dig into topics around birth (and special considerations for new parents), aging, and death, that will affect each of us.

Listen wherever you get your podcasts (you can also find the player at the bottom of the screen on our website). Please subscribe so that more people find us, and we would love your feedback and ideas for future guests!


Episode 25: How Will I Make Healthcare Conversations for You? A Personal Conversation Between Liz Smith and Her Mother and Aunt

Episode 24: Capturing Family Stories: A Legacy Conversation Between Liz Smith and Her Mother

Episode 23: How to Prepare Your Family for Your Memorial Service (And Theirs)

Episode 22: Planning Ahead for Your Funeral, a Gift to Your Family!

Episode 21: Grief: Resources to Cope With Our Own Loss and to Support Our Friends and Family Going Through a Loss of Their Own

Episode 20: Navigating the Social Security Retirement System

Episode 19: Sustainable and Responsible Impact Investing

Episode 18: Taxes, Capital Gains, Community Property, Basis, and What to File After Someone Dies

Episode 17: Navigating Logistics After a Sudden Loss…and What Comes Next

Episode 16: Launching Our Parents at the End of Their Lives (And Other Thoughts About Navigating the End and Healing)

Episode 15: What’s up With the Markets? Switching From Saving to Preserving in Retirement, Inflation, and Working With a Financial Advisor

Episode 14: Navigating Care in Alaska with a Care Coordinator

Episode 13: Cyber Security: Protecting Your Digital Identity & Legacy

Episode 12: The Whale Whisperer Who Grew Up On Shelter Island

Episode 11: The Third Option: Human Body Composting

Episode 10: Learning About the State of Alaska’s Long Term Care Ombudsman

Episode 09: Hospice and Home Care Services in Juneau, Alaska

Episode 08: Working With a Professional Personal Representative or Trustee

Episode 07: Navigating Guardianship in Alaska – Resources for Current and Prospective Guardians

Episode 06: Bravery and bunnies – Charting a New Career Path for Yourself

Episode 05: Incapacity Planning, Trusts, & What I’m Excited About

Episode 04: Buying Your First Home

Episode 03: Intergenerational Connections and Reflective Storytelling

Episode 02: Navigating Loss and Illness

Episode 01: Your Guide For Giving: Now & in the Future

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