What’s Next? Episode 3: Intergenerational Connections and Reflective Storytelling

What’s Next? Episode 3: Intergenerational Connections and Reflective Storytelling

Nim de Swardt, is a champion for co-generational connections. She understands that more can be achieved when people of all ages come together. Nim has dedicated her life’s work to bringing together people of all ages and connecting them through their unique experiences. She currently sits as the founder of WIN|WIN, a service of self-discovery through storytelling.

As an experienced “lifestorian”, Nim envisions a world where people are connected to themselves and others through lived experiences. Nim is confident that her service can elevate the human experience and be used as an incentive for co-generational bonding. Nim is adamant that sharing our stories with others allows for knowledge to be passed from one generation to the next, and to her that is a win-win. 

Tune into this episode of the What’s Next podcast for a conversation with Nim de Swardt about the significance of intergenerational connection. Learn how to harness the power of your own life stories to promote wisdom and understanding for generations to come!


  • “In large organizations usually executives from the top make decisions and they get pushed down. But what we wanted is to empowered a company of 6,500 employees to also contribute ideas up the pyramid.” (09:34-09:50) 
  • “When you capture your life story you win and others win. We recognize that our lived experiences, our insights, our wisdom, and our stories are uniquely ours, but they can be mutually beneficial when shared with our loved ones.” (15:07-15:22) 
  • “There is so much untapped wisdom in our elders, in terms of the lessons they have learned along the way.”  (20:33- 20:39)





Books mentioned :

Wisdom at Work – by Chip Conley  The Second Mountain – by David Brooks 

Modern Elder Academy: https://www.modernelderacademy.com/ 

Workshops, including the upcoming intergenerational workshop to be offered soon:https://baja.modernelderacademy.com/workshops 

Wisdom Well Blog: https://wisdomwell.modernelderacademy.com/

Nim’s blog that led Liz to find her: https://wisdomwell.modernelderacademy.com/i-just-hired-a-nearly-70-year-old-mentern

Seth Godin’s Blog: https://seths.blog/

AltMBA : https://altmba.com/

Akimbo Workshops: https://akimbo.com/

Encore: https://encore.org/about/

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